Training Someone Else’s Dog & How to Correct Jumping on the Bed & Furniture

No Dogs on Sofa Pillow
QUESTION: Don, I’ve successfully used your Perfect Dog system with my dog and now I’m trying to train my mom’s dog. But, I've come across a problem. My mom’s dog jumps on my mom's bed when no one is in the room, and as soon as I open the door she jumps off. So, it's [...]

My Dog is Very Vocal When She Plays. Should This Be Allowed?

Dog playing 6
QUESTION: Dear Don, I wanted to ask a quick question about my dogs and their training/behavior. I allow my three dogs (all females) to romp and wrestle in a field when the weather is nice. They play really rough and grab each other’s necks, but they’re very careful and have never hurt one other or [...]

Training Success Depends On More Than Just My Command Collar®

Judah Command Collar & FFB
After browsing various reviews online, I’ve noticed that some dog owners are trying to cut corners by purchasing just my Command Collar. Hence, it’s important to emphasize that people who try to use the Command Collar by itself (without the other elements of my system) will almost definitely face some struggles and will not realize [...]

Any Extra Advice for Bringing My New Baby Home Around My Dogs?

Dog with Baby
QUESTION: Do you have any extra pointers or advice for bringing a new baby home? I’m expecting my first, due in August. My dogs have done well with your training, although my lab mix has growled at my 8-month-old nephew before when he was crawling on him - to which my dog was properly corrected. [...]

My Dog is Being a Real Drag – Literally!

Muling on Leash
QUESTION: Hi Don. I can’t get any further with the training because my dog refuses to walk with me, and she’s reluctant to come to me at all even when I’m not actually working with her. She’s being a real drag – literally! Will this pass?   ANSWER: First of all, I have to reassure [...]

Identifying Dominant Puppies: The Pack Feeding Test

The following is a series of exchanges (involving myself and two separate Facebook friends of mine) that will help you understand the difference between effectively subduing dominance according to what I instruct in my Perfect Dog DVDs and initially identifying dominance in a young pack of pups.   QUESTION: Hi Don. I came across a [...]

Temporary Tools For Long-Term Results

Perfect Dog System Half Poster
In this post I want to highlight some key points about my training tools. My Command Collar and my Freedom Training Lines set are integral components of my Perfect Dog system, however it’s important to keep their individual purposes in mind. Firstly, the three Freedom Training Lines (various lengths) are not meant to be long-term [...]

My Dog Is Suddenly Quieter At Home Since Beginning The Training. Is This Normal?

puppy resting
QUESTION: Hello. I have puppy - 3 months old. We started our training two days ago using your Command Collar. However, now my dog is much more quiet at home and not as active as before. Is this normal behavior?   ANSWER: Absolutely, yes, this is completely normal behavior. Very simply, your puppy has quickly [...]


BEWARE OF COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS SOLD ON AMAZON.COM, ETC. For those who are yet unaware, I have been having issues with counterfeit products being made and sold by knock-off companies and selling them on and other online stores. The official distributor ( can only guarantee products purchased from them and they offer a 30-day money back [...]

The IMPORTANCE of the Quick Start Guide. Where to begin the training if your dog does / doesn’t have serious behavioral problems.

QUESTION: My dog Luna doesn't really have any particular behavioral issues. She was pulling on her leash, but your system fixed that in about 20 minutes. So, my question is this: Do you have a specific schedule you recommend for dogs that are not causing problems? What would you consider the most important commands that [...]

How Long For Training Sessions? When Should I Remove The Muzzle?

QUESTION: Hello Don. I’m on Day #2 of the down command. Day #1 was horrible. My dog was biting (he's just a little ol' thing, but it hurt!). I never got a compliant down command from him that day. I followed the advice on your DVDs regarding aggressive dogs and on Day #2 I muzzled [...]

Scientific Study Actually PROVES Dogs Prefer Praise to Food!

The following information appears on my "Method" page. However, given that the information is so important, I have repeated it here on my "Blog" page.     Scientific Study Actually PROVES Dogs Prefer Praise to Food!   When it comes to choosing between a treat or praise from their human parent, dogs prefer the latter, [...]

How Do I Get My Dog to Understand The “Acceptable Radius”?

QUESTION: How do I get my dog to understand what the "acceptable radius” is? What do I say when I’m walking her on the Command Collar and line and she gets too far in front of me? I don't want to turn and go in a different direction because I’m afraid I’ll have to correct [...]

Whenever I Give The “Sit” Command My Dog Lays Down

QUESTION: My dog tends to lay down whenever I give him a “Sit” command. What should I do?   ANSWER: There are a variety of things I would say about this: 1) First review the two different lessons to make sure you have followed the proper techniques for teaching the two different commands. The problem [...]

Using The “Wait” and “Go See” Commands to Socialize

QUESTION: Thanks to your training, my dog has progressed to the off leash level, so I’m able to trust him with freedom when I take him to the park. However, he loves people and other dogs. Although he obeys and stays by my side when he sees them, what do I do when I want [...]

How to Train More Than One Dog At a Time

QUESTION: Don, I have 5 dogs: 4 months old, 3 years old, 2 x 4 years old, and a 10 year old. How do I start training them - one by one, or at same time?   ANSWER: Basically, you first lay the foundation of training with each of them individually and then you start [...]

Transitioning From Non-Distracting to Distracting Environments

QUESTION: I love your DVD's! We have a new puppy (17-week-old terrier mix) that is responding very well. I have a question: Should I try to teach new commands in non-distracting environments and then gradually work them into distracting areas once he's doing well in calmer areas? He's great with me, but he really seems [...]

What To Do If Your Injured Dog Is Under Vet-Ordered Confinement

QUESTION: Hi Don. We have a two-year-old lab (very active) and a 10-month-old lab. We use your system and love it, so thank you. Our 10-month-old had to have a full hip replacement this past Saturday and the orthopedic vet said to limit her walks to 2-3 minutes a couple of times a day. The [...]

My Puppy Is Only Six Weeks Old. Should I Wait?

QUESTION: I've recently come to own a 6-week-old puppy. Is that too young to incorporate your training? Should I wait a few more weeks? Also, I only have the large Command Collar because he's going to get big. Will that work?   ANSWER: You can begin the fullness of my Perfect Dog training when your [...]

My Daughter Survived A Dog Attack. But, Could I Have Prevented It?

Dog Attack News
The following information contains critical information for everyone – whether or not they are dog owners. It’s especially valuable for families with young children.   QUESTION: On June 17th my 8-year-old daughter was bitten on the face by our neighbor's dog. This dog was very protective of his home and was kept outside with a [...]

What Should I Do With My Dog While I’m At Work? What About Doggie Daycares?

Doggie Daycare
QUESTION: Hi Don! I have a friend who just started following your Perfect Dog system and his puppy is already showing results! When he goes to work during the day, he leaves his puppy at one of those doggie daycare centers where the dogs are free to play in an enclosed doggie playground. Will that [...]

Still Having Problems With Housebreaking?

QUESTION: Hi Don, I have a 4 month old Beagle puppy and I've been working with her with your system for 2 weeks now. She’s doing great and I've seen tremendous improvement in her behavior. I have a question about house breaking: In just one week’s time I’ve stopped all accidents in the house, but [...]

Can An Older Dog Be Trained?

Old Dog New Tricks
QUESTION: My dog is already an adult - he's over six years old. I feel like a lot of things are well and truly instilled in him - both positive and negative things, and he’s very stubborn in a number of ways. Any advice for training a strong-willed adult dog?   ANSWER: It’s more of [...]

Tug of war? Play fighting? Grabbing collars?

Tug of War Puppy
QUESTION: Don, what's your opinion on playing "tug" with your dog? Does this give the dog control? Also, our puppy and ten-year-old dog play fight together quite a bit. They both will go at each other’s Command Collar if they're wearing them. Since we're supposed to leave the Command Collar on all the time except [...]

What To Do If Your Dog Keeps Sitting Up During a “Down” Command.

Sitting Up on Down Command Puppy
The “Down” command is the most important of all commands to establish because it’s the position of most humility. When studying the dynamics of a dog pack, you’ll notice that the dog that lies down and even rolls over in front of another dog is the more submissive one. So, training your dog to willingly [...]

Rubbing A Dogs Belly: Good? Bad? How Do You Stop This Habit?

Belly Rubbing
Rubbing a dog’s belly seems like a fun, pleasurable, and innocent thing to do. Most people would never see any downside to it. But there can be some significant negatives, so for this reason I always pet and rub my dogs on the top of their bodies, and I always encourage others to do the [...]

What To Do When A Loose, Untrained Dog Approaches Your Dog.

Loose Dogs Approach
QUESTION: How do I deal with loose dogs that want to approach my dog when I’m walking him? Many of them cause problems, and some have even attacked my dog.   ANSWER: Loose, untrained dogs can be a real problem, but there is a way you can deal with these dogs that is very effective [...]

Help! My Dog Pees When I Raise My Voice.

QUESTION: I’m having an issue with our 15-week-old GSD puppy. When I raise my voice in a firm tone, he pees. How do I fix this problem?   ANSWER: First, make sure the level/volume of your voice is always the same; it's only the tone that should change depending on whether you're praising or correcting [...]

My Dog Won’t Play Retrieve. How Can I Exercise Him?

QUESTION: My dog only likes to retrieve the ball or squeaky toy for a few minutes and then he loses interest. I don't know how to get him enough exercise if he won't play fetch. Help...? ANSWER: Some dogs build their interest in retrieving over time, yet others never really "get into it." In the [...]

Why Has Our Dog Regressed? What Do We Do?

Naughty Dog
QUESTION: Hi Don! I'm in love with your Command Collar. I have two dogs, both chocolate lab/Rottweiler mixes. With your collar I'm able to take both dogs walking at the same time. We hike a lot and they're able to walk off leash when we are on the little used trails. However, recently something's happened. [...]