Does Don Sullivan’s Training Work on all Types of Dogs?


Hi, I have a Mountain Cur. He’s 3 months old. It will be my husband’s hunting dog and my companion. My question is, does your training work for every dog? I do want to have a well behaved, fun dog. Thank you!



Yes, absolutely, my Perfect Dog system works extremely well with all dogs. Physiologically, dogs can be very different, yet psychologically there are some key elements which connect them all. My Nature-Based Discipline, Praise & Play Method™ focuses on these connecting elements, using them as a foundation for effective communication with all types of dogs. The “Method” page on my website discusses this in a lot more detail (make sure you read all of the way to the end of the page), but for now, rest assured that no matter how different you may perceive your dog to be, you will achieve great results with my system.

I regularly receive powerful testimonials from people with all kinds of dogs – dogs that had seemingly unique, impossible behavioral traits that the owners were convinced were unchangeable. In their testimonials, the people almost cannot find the words to express how amazed they were to see such quick, dramatic, positive transformations with behaviors they thought they’d have to put up with forever.

The range of dogs in these testimonials is enormous, proving that once you find the right training method that “speaks” to the common core of a canine’s nature, you’re set for success (as long as you put in the effort, of course – a dog will not train himself!). And, once you put in the effort and the results materialize, then comes all the fun and relationship satisfaction you’ve been hoping for – more than you’ve probably ever dreamed of!

If you need me to be more specific regarding the variety of dogs my Perfect Dog system will work with then the following list should reassure you. When I say “all types of dogs,” this includes all…


1) Breeds: including cat-like breeds, hunting breeds, show dogs, and working dogs,

2) Ages: 9-week-old puppies to the old family dog,

3) Sizes: miniature dogs to giant dogs,

5) Body types: hairless dogs to thick, woolly dogs

6) Personalities: timid to hyperactive dogs; stubborn to even aggressive dogs; even most obsessive/compulsive disorders,

7) Instincts: from the drive to roam to the drive to hunt,

8) Intelligence levels: Don Sullivan says that all dogs are as intelligent as we need them to be,

9) Past training: from none at all to “treat obsessed”, and

10) Past experiences of your dog: from utterly spoiled to sadly abused.


Even owners of deaf dogs can successfully apply my training techniques! Refer to the following Blog post for more information on this:

Finally, here’s the link to a great Blog post that will be relevant to your particular situation seeing that your pup will be your husband’s hunting dog: I will be making more Blog posts in the near future regarding working with hunting dogs, so keep an eye out.

Happy training!

– Don Sullivan, “The DogFather”

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