Does Your Dog Eat Poop?


1) The obsession with eating feces could very well be a malnourishment issue. Find a good vet and get your dog tested, and start focusing on maximizing your dog’s nutrient intake.

2) Lack of proper cardio exercise is one of the biggest causes of problem behaviors. Most dogs need at least 15-20 minutes of hard running (where they truly get puffed out) three times EVERY day. You will need to find an option where you can accomplish this without the distractions/interruptions.
If your dog is not physically satisfied every day then the bad habits will likely never go away no matter the level of corrections you’re implementing. (And, it’s completely unfair to continue to correct a dog for bad behaviors that are related to neglect – i.e. lack of exercising – on the owner’s part.) 

3) Re-examine your level of corrections. Perhaps you’re not implementing them at a level above your dog’s self-perceived position in the home pack hierarchy. One of the Golden Rules is that if your dog is continuing the bad behavior after being corrected, it means your dog is not respecting the level at which you’re correcting him.
And remember: ALWAYS properly balance nature-based discipline with plenty of praise and play as the best rewards for good behavior. Never use treat rewards. This is one of the keys to success when using my Nature-Based Discipline, Praise & Play Method.

4) In addition to the above, you could also have your dog wear a muzzle in all situations/environments where there is temptation. The muzzle will restrict the ability to consume feces. If you do this over a long period of time, it will help to reprogram your dog’s mind away from the bad habit.

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