How Don Sullivan Replies to Unfounded Criticism

The following is a copy of the response I offer people who post unfounded, critical comments about my training system/method. I feel for these people because they are simply in ignorance – brainwashed by all kinds of influences (which I discuss in my book).

I believe what I write to these people is fair – unlike their emotion-charged and often threatening words. I find it quite amazing – certainly a paradox – that many of these people claim to be supporters of goodwill organizations aimed at loving various aspects of God’s creation, yet they can be so full of hatred toward a human being they’ve never met, and toward a product they’ve never even given a proper chance (most often never actually tried at all!).

Feel free to quote the following when speaking with others that are blinded to the realities of dog training. I hope it opens the minds and hearts of many, so they too can enjoy the best life possible with their dogs.

My Response:

It’s a shame you’ve made this assumption. It appears you haven’t actually tried my Perfect Dog system. Customer feedback is for those people who have actually put my product to the test (versus just promoting emotion-based opinions).

Both my “Method” page ( and my “Reviews” page ( provide more than ample evidence against your assumptions (in fact, abundant evidence). My training is no different than how a mother dog would deal with her puppies. As much as human emotions try, you can’t argue against the proof of nature and how certain animals have been created to interact.

To truly connect with a dog, you have to interact with him on his innate canine level and this involves the WHOLE spectrum. This is why my training is called the “Nature-Based Discipline, Praise & Play Method” – because my training involves a beautiful balance of praise and play, love and affection, and discipline (that dogs can relate to) ONLY when needed – just like a dog pack.

Of course, you can go the bribery route and use treats, but you will only get a dog that “performs” – he will never truly respect you as the pack leader. It’s a fact of life that many people don’t want to accept. A dog that responds to treats and never learns to respect the boundaries deep down is a dog that can’t be given the fullness of freedom that he yearns for – because he can’t be completely trusted.

My training teaches dogs how to self-govern so that after a short amount of time they no longer need to be corrected – because they know and accept the boundaries, and they are completely happy and content to live within them. There’s no fear there, just respect. There’s a huge difference between the two….

Perhaps given the above information, you will be encouraged to reconsider your initial assumptions. It would be in your dog’s best interests – and your best interests – to do so.

– Don Sullivan, “The DogFather”

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