I Saw Don Sullivan Training Without his Command Collar. Why?

QUESTION: I noticed that Don was not using the Command Collar while teaching little pups the down command and the come command. Is there a reason for this? Thanks.

ANSWER: Thank you for your inquiry. What you saw is from some of the original content that was included in the Perfect Dog DVDs. Some of this footage was filmed back when Don Sullivan was host of his national TV show in Canada – before he had released his Command Collar. At that time he used whatever suitable training tools he had available to him, but he was never completely satisfied with the performance of these devices.

That’s why Don Sullivan designed his Command Collar, so he could have something universal to use on all dogs (no matter the breed, age, etc.) that would be highly effective, visually appealing, and easy to attach and remove.

If you watch Don Sullivan’s later videos (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_Hjj56NZvk) you’ll see that he always uses his Command Collar. He and thousands of others around the world have been using the Command Collar on all kinds of dogs since its release in 2008 – with great success.

So, please be assured that you can go ahead and use the Command Collar to train your puppy. Just be sure to order the small size and also watch the “Equipment” section on Perfect Dog DVD #1 to learn how to easily adjust the collar to suit your dog’s particular neck size.

We hope this helps and reassures you. – The DogFather Team

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