My Boxer Keeps Biting & Nipping


Hi I hope you can help bought your perfect dog training system for my 5 months old boxer watched your DVD my boxer keeps biting and nipping my hands tried your tip with hand in the mouth slaps to the nose. But it’s not working she still bites and nips anything else I can try???



Firstly, you need to examine the level of corrections you are implementing. One of the Golden Rules is that if your dog is continuing the bad behavior after being corrected, it means your dog is not respecting the level at which you are correcting her.

Also watch the “Equipment” section on DVD #1. You may need to incorporate the use of a muzzle for a while if the problem is very severe.

Also take note of the important tips copied below from my website. – Don Sullivan

To ensure training success, please note the following:

1. Before beginning any training, thoroughly read the Essential Reading Quick Start Guide which contains a training plan and critical pointers. All systems purchased from the official distributor contain the Quick Start Guide.

2. Before beginning any training, watch both Perfect Dog® training DVDs in their entirety at least once through, preferably twice. Even segments you may feel are unrelated to your dog’s issues still contain important information that will help you in other areas.

3. If your dog is particularly challenging, please take note of the specialized techniques discussed under “Equipment” on DVD #1.

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