My Dog Is Suddenly Quieter At Home Since Beginning The Training. Is This Normal?


Hello. I have puppy – 3 months old. We started our training two days ago using your Command Collar. However, now my dog is much more quiet at home and not as active as before. Is this normal behavior?



Absolutely, yes, this is completely normal behavior. Very simply, your puppy has quickly learned to mind his manners! Before training, most puppies are rambunctious – often to the point of being annoying and destructive. However, as soon as you start to introduce rules and boundaries into the dog’s life, the puppy suddenly becomes more respectful of his surrounds because he knows there are consequences for misbehaving and getting out of control.

For some dogs, the pendulum may seem to swing quite heavily on the side of caution in the beginning stages of training, but this will only be temporary. The dog’s temperament will soon balance out when he gets used to his new way of life with you and becomes familiar with everything that’s expected of him inside and outside of the home. For some dogs, this may only take a few days, and for others it may require a few weeks. But, overall it won’t be long before your puppy relaxes into a contented, playful, energetic (yet acceptably controlled) four-legged friend.

Right now, your puppy is simply going through the process of getting used to what he can and can’t do. By calming right down, he’s showing you he respects your new authority. He’s being cautious about his actions because he accepts the newly introduced consequences for misbehavior. However, once he realizes he can enjoy an abundance of freedom, play, praise and affection within the new set of rules and boundaries, his mind will rest. At this point, he will be fully confident to express his personality and playful energy knowing that as long as he obeys and stays out of trouble, you’re totally pleased with him.

Teaching your puppy what is acceptable and non-acceptable behavior both inside and outside of the home is always the first priority – even if this means the dog will seemingly lose a bit of spark for a short time. You must guard your own emotions, keeping them in check for the sake of your dog’s long-term wellbeing. If you stop the training – or even just “lighten up on things” a little – you could seriously undermine the training results. The dog will quickly lose respect for you. This is when bad habits easily form because the puppy quickly learns it can get away with things – particularly if it uses skulking and poutiness to weaken your resolve.

So, hang in there and know that things will get better. Soon your puppy will become more active again, but in a pleasant and fun way versus a potentially boisterous and mischievous way. I hope this reassures you.

– Don Sullivan, “The DogFather”

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