My Puppy Is Only Six Weeks Old. Should I Wait?



I’ve recently come to own a 6-week-old puppy. Is that too young to incorporate your training? Should I wait a few more weeks? Also, I only have the large Command Collar because he’s going to get big. Will that work?



You can begin the fullness of my Perfect Dog training when your puppy is about 8 weeks old, although there are some things you can do even now without using the Command Collar. You can, for example, immediately correct for nipping on your hands, licking, jumping up, etc.

Unless your dog is a very large breed dog, you will need to begin with the small Command Collar and then progress to the large Command Collar as he grows into it. Although, the Command Collar is only a temporary training tool, to be used until the training is complete. Hence, it is possible to reach the “Trust Zone” level of my training even before the pup grows big enough to need the larger collar size.

My recommendation is to read the Essential Reading Quick Start Guide and watch both Perfect Dog DVDs straight away, “digesting” as much of the information as you can right now. This way, you can develop a solid plan to start your dog’s training as soon as he’s a little more physically developed. You’ll be able to start correcting for many of the problem behaviors immediately (as soon as you familiarize yourself with the training techniques relating to these issues), and the more formal training (e.g. the commands) you’ll purpose to begin introducing when your pup reaches about 8 weeks of age.

You could also spend the next two weeks reading my book (Wake Up and Smell the Poop!). You will gain a deeper understanding of your dog’s nature and learn about common things that can undermine training success, helping you to be super prepared. While my Perfect Dog system provides all of the “how” components to the training, my book provides the “inside look” into the nature of the canine species and also societal influences that can have a detrimental affect on the training results.

Following is the direct link to the Wake Up and Smell The Poop! online store. Under the “Books” menu button you’ll find the E-Book version that you’ll be able to download right now without having to wait for a physical book to arrive:

Don Sullivan – “The DogFather”

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