Reintroducing a Dog To Creatures After It Has Already Killed


Don and team, I have a question: Maddy is doing great. Still, however, we had some ducks and we did not really do good training with her – she and her sister ended up killing them. We are wanting to reintroduce some baby chick ducks to Maddy. What would be the best way you feel to do this? Any information would be great. I want Maddy to have them like another friend in the group if you will. Thanks again for the great tips and training system.



The best way to reintroduce Maddy to creatures would be to have her muzzled for the first while whenever she is around them. Correct her firmly for any signs of aggression and for even motions to move toward them.

Always make sure she is wearing the Command Collar and a Freedom Training Line. Teach her to ignore the creatures completely, and don’t start allowing her time around them (even under supervision) without the muzzle until she has strongly demonstrated self control – preferably even a nonchalant attitude.

– Don Sullivan

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