An Unconfident Leader Can Create a Problem Dog

Many dog owners have no idea how their weak leadership and uncertainty is impacting on their dog. Lack of confidence can negatively affect a dog's behavior in many different ways. On the one hand, if a dog is born with a dominant personality, that dog can be easily motivated to exercise his dominance if he's [...]

Barking & Dog Agility Groups

QUESTION: My daughter has an Australian Shepherd. My daughter moved three and a half hours away, taking "Stella" away from two other family dogs. She’s not much of a barker until she runs her in agility trials. Stella non-stop barks through the whole run to the point of not being able to finish the runs. [...]

Shocking News Story. Don Sullivan Comments on Dog Attacks & Rescue Dogs.

Highland Twp. Girl, 7, in critical condition after family's 'rescue dogs' rip into her neck. News story: A seven-year-old girl was fighting for her life Friday but was expected to survive after she was attacked by dogs that her family rescued from an animal shelter where they'd faced being euthanized, police said. The attack [...]