Overuse of E-Collars

QUESTION: Hi Don Sullivan. I see a lot of people and trainers incorporating e-collars in teaching basic obedience commands like Sit, Stay, Down, etc. which I feel is unnecessary - just like clickers. Rather, I only use an e-collar as a corrective tool if Max is playing at a distance and needs correction. Any suggestion or [...]

What About The Injured & Disabled & Elderly?

Before reading the following, please remember to ALWAYS properly balance your corrections with lots of praise and play as the best rewards for compliance and good behavior. This is the essence of my Nature-Based Discipline, Praise & Play Method™, and it is what makes my Perfect Dog® system so successful.    Accidents happen. You were [...]

Will The Perfect Dog System Work With My Deaf Dog?

QUESTION: My dog is deaf. Will I still be able to use your training system? ANSWER: Yes. You will need to combine the hand signals that I teach on my DVDs along with the use of the Command Collar® (supplied in each Perfect Dog complete system) AND an electronic vibration alert collar. (Electronic collars with [...]