My Dog is Being a Real Drag – Literally!

QUESTION: Hi Don. I can’t get any further with the training because my dog refuses to walk with me, and she’s reluctant to come to me at all even when I’m not actually working with her. She’s being a real drag – literally! Will this pass?   ANSWER: First of all, I have to reassure [...]

HELP! I Have an Extreme Dog!

Before reading the following, please remember to ALWAYS properly balance your corrections with lots of praise and play as the best rewards for compliance and good behavior. This is the essence of my Nature-Based Discipline, Praise & Play Method™, and it is what makes my Perfect Dog® system so successful.  So, you think you have [...]

My Boxer Keeps Biting & Nipping

QUESTION: Hi I hope you can help bought your perfect dog training system for my 5 months old boxer watched your DVD my boxer keeps biting and nipping my hands tried your tip with hand in the mouth slaps to the nose. But it's not working she still bites and nips anything else I can [...]