Toileting in the Crate

QUESTION: I have purchased your Perfect Dog system and watched the DVDs many times. I understand and enjoy your methods. My one issue is the potty training. My dog is in her crate and I take her out hourly to her bathroom spot. She doesn’t go potty even if I stand there for 45 minutes. [...]

Help! I Just Rescued a Timid Dog and He’s Obsessively Clingy!

QUESTION: Hello Don. I just adopted a pet from a couple that had to make the difficult decision to let him go. I’d like to know if your Perfect Dog system would help my new boy. As of a week ago, he was terribly shy and clung to me. Now, at least, he likes my [...]

Still Having Problems With Housebreaking?

QUESTION: Hi Don, I have a 4 month old Beagle puppy and I've been working with her with your system for 2 weeks now. She’s doing great and I've seen tremendous improvement in her behavior. I have a question about house breaking: In just one week’s time I’ve stopped all accidents in the house, but [...]

Help! My Dog Pees When I Raise My Voice.

QUESTION: I’m having an issue with our 15-week-old GSD puppy. When I raise my voice in a firm tone, he pees. How do I fix this problem?   ANSWER: First, make sure the level/volume of your voice is always the same; it's only the tone that should change depending on whether you're praising or correcting [...]

HELP! My Dog Wants To Stop & Smell ALL THE TIME On Walks!

QUESTION: Hi Don! I started using your training system less than a week ago and am seeing some very positive changes already - thank you! I have a question - while going for walks, my dog wants to stop and smell the ground and trees a lot - I assume he is smelling other dogs [...]

Potty Training Problems & My Other Dog Follows Me Everywhere!

QUESTION: We purchased "Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog" I am working with potty training my father in law's mix lab - she's a female and I own her brother. I have him potty trained but he doesn't cry wanting to go potty - he just comes up to me and stares till I let [...]