My Dog Keeps Dropping the Ball During Fetch. How Do I Make Him Bring it to Me?

QUESTION: My dog is doing great with your program! One problem: When I play fetch with him, he continues to drop the ball before I can get it. How do I get him to hand it to me?   ANSWER: Awesome! Great to hear! Regarding your question: Fetch/retrieve needs to be treated like a command. [...]

My Dog Won’t Play with Dog Toys. How Can I Properly Exercise Him?

QUESTION: We’re getting ready to start your Perfect Dog system and we’re excited. My only concern is the play time. My dogs don’t play with toys at all. They will wrestle with each other occasionally, but not very often. What can I do to give them enough exercise?   ANSWER: Now and then you’ll come [...]

My Dog Drops the Toy Too Far Away During Fetch. Any Retrieving Tips?

QUESTION: Hi Don. I love your Perfect Dog DVDs. We bought the whole system. I have a question, though. My standard poodle plays fetch with a Frisbee just like the videos, and she always drops the toy in front of me. But, when she's tired and done playing, instead of bringing it back she runs [...]

My Dog Won’t Play Retrieve. How Can I Exercise Him?

QUESTION: My dog only likes to retrieve the ball or squeaky toy for a few minutes and then he loses interest. I don't know how to get him enough exercise if he won't play fetch. Help...? ANSWER: Some dogs build their interest in retrieving over time, yet others never really "get into it." In the [...]