My Dog Lays Down When She’s in a Sit Command Whenever I Walk Away

QUESTION: I'm on day one of training. My 5-year-old Puggle knows the basic Sit, Down, and Stay commands, but I have a question relating to Sit. Whenever I place my dog in a sit position and then tell her to stay, she lays down as I walk away from her. Is this ok? That is, [...]

Whenever I Give The “Sit” Command My Dog Lays Down

QUESTION: My dog tends to lay down whenever I give him a “Sit” command. What should I do?   ANSWER: There are a variety of things I would say about this: 1) First review the two different lessons to make sure you have followed the proper techniques for teaching the two different commands. The problem [...]

What To Do If Your Dog Keeps Sitting Up During a “Down” Command.

The “Down” command is the most important of all commands to establish because it’s the position of most humility. When studying the dynamics of a dog pack, you’ll notice that the dog that lies down and even rolls over in front of another dog is the more submissive one. So, training your dog to willingly [...]