The Muzzle I Purchased at the Pet Store Doesn’t Fit My Dog Properly

QUESTION: Can you help me? I purchased a muzzle - as you recommended in your DVDs for those with particularly challenging dogs, but the medium size was too small. It was right at the tip of his nose and it just looked too tight. I then tried the next size up, but that was too [...]

I Saw Don Sullivan Training Without his Command Collar. Why?

QUESTION: I noticed that Don was not using the Command Collar while teaching little pups the down command and the come command. Is there a reason for this? Thanks. ANSWER: Thank you for your inquiry. What you saw is from some of the original content that was included in the Perfect Dog DVDs. Some of [...]

Why Use Gloves? Also, What Size Collar Will My Quickly Growing Puppy Need?

Don Sullivan The DogFather's Command Collar
QUESTION: Why do you wear gloves when training dogs? And, which size Command Collar should I get if I am about to get a puppy that is going to be a large size dog? ANSWER: Gloves are very handy for when working with strong dogs that have a tendency to pull on the leash, with [...]