An Unconfident Leader Can Create a Problem Dog

Many dog owners have no idea how their weak leadership and uncertainty is impacting on their dog. Lack of confidence can negatively affect a dog's behavior in many different ways. On the one hand, if a dog is born with a dominant personality, that dog can be easily motivated to exercise his dominance if he's [...]

The IMPORTANCE of the Quick Start Guide. Where to begin the training if your dog does / doesn’t have serious behavioral problems.

QUESTION: My dog Luna doesn't really have any particular behavioral issues. She was pulling on her leash, but your system fixed that in about 20 minutes. So, my question is this: Do you have a specific schedule you recommend for dogs that are not causing problems? What would you consider the most important commands that [...]

Rubbing A Dogs Belly: Good? Bad? How Do You Stop This Habit?

Rubbing a dog’s belly seems like a fun, pleasurable, and innocent thing to do. Most people would never see any downside to it. But there can be some significant negatives, so for this reason I always pet and rub my dogs on the top of their bodies, and I always encourage others to do the [...]