How to Correct the Off Leash Stick Around Command & Off Leash Heel Command

QUESTION: Could you help me clarify some techniques when it comes to non- stationary commands? How do I correct a "Stick around" command when my dog breaks the allowed perimeter when we are out walking when he has the shortest Freedom Training Line attached to him? This is what I have been doing: I say [...]

Training Success Depends On More Than Just My Command Collar®

After browsing various reviews online, I’ve noticed that some dog owners are trying to cut corners by purchasing just my Command Collar. Hence, it’s important to emphasize that people who try to use the Command Collar by itself (without the other elements of my system) will almost definitely face some struggles and will not realize [...]

How Do I Get My Dog to Understand The “Acceptable Radius”?

QUESTION: How do I get my dog to understand what the "acceptable radius” is? What do I say when I’m walking her on the Command Collar and "dropped line" and she gets too far in front of me? I don't want to turn and go in a different direction because I’m afraid I’ll have to [...]

Using The “Wait” and “Go See” Commands to Socialize

QUESTION: Thanks to your training, my dog has progressed to the off leash level, so I’m able to trust him with freedom when I take him to the park. However, he loves people and other dogs. Although he obeys and stays by my side when he sees them, what do I do when I want [...]

Transitioning From Non-Distracting to Distracting Environments

QUESTION: I love your DVD's! We have a new puppy (17-week-old terrier mix) that is responding very well. I have a question: Should I try to teach new commands in non-distracting environments and then gradually work them into distracting areas once he's doing well in calmer areas? He's great with me, but he really seems [...]

What To Do When A Loose, Untrained Dog Approaches Your Dog.

QUESTION: How do I deal with loose dogs that want to approach my dog when I’m walking him? Many of them cause problems, and some have even attacked my dog.   ANSWER: Loose, untrained dogs can be a real problem, but there is a way you can deal with these dogs that is very effective [...]

Why Has Our Dog Regressed? What Do We Do?

QUESTION: Hi Don! I'm in love with your Command Collar. I have two dogs, both chocolate lab/Rottweiler mixes. With your collar I'm able to take both dogs walking at the same time. We hike a lot and they're able to walk off leash when we are on the little used trails. However, recently something's happened. [...]

How Do We Stop Our Dog From Doing “Down” Commands Under Our Legs?

QUESTION: We just recently started your Perfect Dog program (about 3 days now). We are working with two dogs and we're struggling with the "Down" command. The youngest dog (about 6 months) wants to be constantly under our feet regardless of how much length of line we allow her. We can't get a reasonable distance [...]

I Saw Don Sullivan Training Without his Command Collar. Why?

QUESTION: I noticed that Don was not using the Command Collar while teaching little pups the down command and the come command. Is there a reason for this? Thanks. ANSWER: Thank you for your inquiry. What you saw is from some of the original content that was included in the Perfect Dog DVDs. Some of [...]

HELP! My Dog Wants To Stop & Smell ALL THE TIME On Walks!

QUESTION: Hi Don! I started using your training system less than a week ago and am seeing some very positive changes already - thank you! I have a question - while going for walks, my dog wants to stop and smell the ground and trees a lot - I assume he is smelling other dogs [...]