Temporary Tools For Long-Term Results

In this post I want to highlight some key points about my training tools. My Command Collar and my Freedom Training Lines set are integral components of my Perfect Dog system, however it’s important to keep their individual purposes in mind.

Firstly, the three Freedom Training Lines (various lengths) are not meant to be long-term leads or leashes. They’re designed as training tools to use in conjunction with my Command Collar for a temporary period only – until the dog has reached the level where he successfully self-governs within the new rules and boundaries set for him (the “Trust Zone” level). At this point, the training equipment is no longer required.

The Freedom Training Lines are purposely made using lightweight polypropylene material similar to that which is used by boaters. All three lines are meant to be light and waterproof for ease and practicality of use, and they’re deliberately missing a handle at the end so they don’t get caught on any objects during the training period. (Using a standard leash for my Perfect Dog training is not safe, and the weight of it will too cumbersome for the dog to bear, particularly during all of the “drop line” exercises.)

The three different line lengths are for use in different training environments and at different stages of the dog’s training program – as discussed in detail in my Quick Start Guide (the written training manual that accompanies all complete Perfect Dog systems).

Similarly, my Command Collar is not designed to be used long term. I never intended any dog owner to be in “training mode” for the entirety of their dog’s life. This is unfair to the dog and totally unnecessary. The goal is to apply my training instruction thoroughly and diligently so that the dog reaches the self-governance level as quickly as possible. All dogs vary somewhat in terms of exactly how long this takes, however it should only take a few months at the most. On average, I’m able to complete a dog’s training within about two to three weeks. At this point, only mild maintenance corrections are occasionally needed which can be implemented without the dedicated training equipment.

If people find that they need to use my training equipment long term then they there’s something missing in the application of my training techniques. If this is the case, they need to return to the Quick Start Guide and re-read it thoroughly, and they need to review both Perfect Dog DVDs in their entirety once again (possibly even more than once).

Some people are tempted to jump into the training right away without having properly prepared themselves (which includes sufficiently digesting all of the information and devising a solid plan based on their individual dog). These people will invariably face struggles and they can severely limit their training success. It’s best to take a few extra days – or even a week or two if necessary – in order to “wrap your head around everything” before beginning any physical training with your dog. The training will progress a lot quicker and smoother if you do this.

Finally, it’s important to note that my Command Collar is deliberately made of plastic so it’s very lightweight and comfortable for dogs to wear as well as being visually appealing. My Command Collar is meant to look subtle once on a dog’s neck, yet its functionality is highly effective. For more information on why my Command Collar works so well in relation to the nature of canines, please review the “Method” page on this website.

– Don Sullivan, “The DogFather”

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