Tips or Tricks To Make My Dog Respond?


Hello, I have recently bought your dog training system video. Although it was a great video, my dog isn’t responding to anything I do. I was wondering if you had any tips or tricks that could help me. Thank you!



Layla, you will need to re-read the “Essential Reading Quick Start Guide” and watch both DVDs again in their entirety (as recommended within the guide). You have missed some critical points that will help you get beyond the challenges you are facing.

Also make sure you carefully review the “Equipment” section on DVD #1 and take note of the specialized training tips for challenging dogs. You may or may not need to implement one or more of these specialized techniques.

It may simply be that you’re not correcting your dog at a level that s/he is respecting and so s/he feels empowered to resist you. Make sure you review the “Golden Rules” section on DVD #1 which explains how to adjust the level of corrections as needed depending on your dog’s individual strength of will.

All of this will be sure to help you. – Don Sullivan

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