Training Success Depends On More Than Just My Command Collar®

After browsing various reviews online, I’ve noticed that some dog owners are trying to cut corners by purchasing just my Command Collar. Hence, it’s important to emphasize that people who try to use the Command Collar by itself (without the other elements of my system) will almost definitely face some struggles and will not realize the fullness of the potential results.

Single Command Collars are only offered for sale – separate from the complete Perfect Dog systems – for those who need to replace a lost item, or for those with more than one dog that need to purchase extra training equipment. (People with multiple dogs need a Command Collar – their choice of size – and a set of Freedom Training Lines for each dog.)

My Perfect Dog system is a system for a reason. Every single element plays an important part in the training process. My Command Collar, Freedom Training Lines and DVDs instruction all work together as a whole to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques needed to make the training thorough and effective. Even the accompanying Quick Start Guide is labeled as “Essential Reading” in the title because it highlights the critical points to remember and it details a solid training plan to follow. (Note: Please read the following Blog post for more information on my training tools:

Even if, say, pulling on the leash is the only problem you need to resolve with your dog, you will still need to pay attention to all of the foundational lessons on my DVDs. This is because this one “bad” behavior is actually related to deeper issues that need to be understood and rehabilitated. Otherwise, you may get rid of the pulling on the leash, but other problems will soon surface in different areas of your life with your dog.

Don’t be tempted to just “pick and choose” different lessons on my DVDs that appeal to you. It’s vital that you at least properly digest and apply all of the information in the foundational lessons (refer to my Quick Start Guide). In fact, I always advise watching both DVDs at least twice through in their entirety in order to truly maximize the training results. Watching certain segments that are seemingly unrelated to your particular dog will still help you in that you’ll pick up on training techniques and advice that you can successfully apply in other situations.

The goal of my Nature-Based Discipline, Praise & Play Method™ is not just to help people to teach their dogs how to sit and stay (which is what most training methods focus on). Rather, my system fully equips people so they can achieve a truly harmonious relationship with their dogs – one that is completely free of problem behaviors and restraints. The result is that the dogs happily self-govern within the new rules and boundaries inside and outside the home because they’ve learned to defer to their owners as trusted leaders.

I encourage you to keep this goal in mind because it will inspire you beyond the struggles you’re currently facing with your dog. Also, more importantly, it will ensure that you achieve the kinds of training results that the average dog owner going to local training classes has likely never even dreamed possible.

– Don Sullivan, “The DogFather”

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