What Do You Think About Incorporating the Use of a Clicker?


I have purchased your Perfect Dog system and was wondering about the use of a clicker in conjunction with your training techniques. I have heard that, for instance, you can click the clicker when the dog’s elbows hit the ground during a down command, to let him know what he’s doing is right.



I have never found the need to use a clicker as part of my training. You can achieve the same (actually, a better) affirmation effect using verbal communication, if needed. Verbal communication from you as your dog’s leader is far more effective, rewarding and bonding for your dog. It helps to establish and then reinforce your authority which is critical to achieving great results.

Watch how I regularly use verbal affirmations and praises in my DVDs. These – in conjunction with the physical rewards – are all any dog needs to keep him on the right track.

Clickers are just an impersonal gimmick. Plus, they’re heavily associated with treat/food training – and you definitely don’t want to be led down that path. I encourage you to review my discussion on treats/food bribery on my Perfect Dog DVDs. You can also read the following Blog posts:



– Don Sullivan, “The DogFather”

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