Will The Perfect Dog System Work With My Deaf Dog?

Deaf DogQUESTION: My dog is deaf. Will I still be able to use your training system?

ANSWER: Yes. You will need to combine the hand signals that I teach on my DVDs along with the use of the Command Collar® (supplied in each Perfect Dog complete system) AND an electronic vibration alert collar. (Electronic collars with a vibration mode are widely available from pet stores and via the Internet). I discuss equipment (such as the use of the vibration mode on an electronic collar) under the “Equipment” section on DVD #1.
When it comes to the correction of certain problem behaviors such as jumping up (which does not require a verbal or hand command), you will simply implement the same technique as you see demonstrated in the lesson.
If you do the above, you will be able to achieve very surprising results when working with your deaf dog.

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